Monday, August 07, 2006

Exhibition Statement

Such a critical time for the Black woman and her image. The agendas to spin and sway are wildly abound. Her mission, however, does not become a reactionary campaign. She’ll continue to do as she’s always done: to champion the truth and gather others to witness it. With She Shootin’ you have become a witness to this pastiche of truth telling; this body of work composed in the bold spirit of photographers like Renee Cox, Mfon Eissen, Marylin Nance and Deborah Willis, women who have exposed a foundation for future image makers to expedite the truth. She Shootin’ seeks to assert accuracy in imaging the world with a focus on the African Diaspora and to inspire the quest for ownership of one’s image.

Six of Brooklyn's emerging women photographers invite us into their worlds through glimpses into their growing bodies of work. From candid portraiture to guerrilla documentary and street photography, the images included in She Shootin' marks personal stations of these women's photographic journeys.

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